Death or the absolute now

cycle of life
art – science – project
death or the absolute now
iron, neon light / 80x80x80 cm

The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?
Death as the focal point of past and future can be seen as a snap shot.
No matter if you look at it from the point of view of the affected one or the ones left behind, death stands for the termination of our lives and entrance into a future unknown to us. In a manner of speaking this short moment of death reshuffles the cards
If we assume that our human existente is a perpetual cycle from the beginning to the end, then the perished continues to exist even though differently to before.
From an artistic point of view the interpretation of death seems to be a deliberation of all possible perceptions, depending on the experience of life, religious, philosophical or scientific background. Boundries blur and lead to a very personal, creative focussing of the moment.

Museumsquartier Vienna
One day exhibition, 9. Juni 2018
Opening MMag.Wolfgang Christian Huber,
Curator of the art collection Stift Klosterneuburg
Idea and curated by Silvia Gröbner

Martina Eder, Michael Endlicher, Silvia Gröbner
Eva Kelety, Elisabeth Ledersberger Lehotzky, Michael Pilz
Herwig Prammer, Agnes Stadlmann, Mil Vega
Anna Werzowa, Christa Zeitlhofer
Ernst Zdrahal

Dr. Jörg Menche (CeMM- Wien) and Sebastian Pirch (Virtual Reality)
Dr.Ferry Kienberger (Keysight-Linz) and Dr.Gerald Kada und Ing.M.Kasper

Guruma ( weibl. Guru)