rolling stars and planets

light greatings of dragonfly

“The universe is a circle, whose center is everywhere and whose comprehensiveness is nowhere.“
Blaise Pascal

Based on the consideration that the microcosmos reflects itself in the macrocosmos, everything – however- is an integrated whole.
I see my rolling ball as a space- and timeless planet earth, as a snapshot of a grand idea. The evolution as a snapshot of the universe. Insects have been living long before man on earth. Fossile discoveries on the carbon (about 300 Billion years ago) show a kind of primitive dragonfly, which was one of the first animals capable of flying. Therefore I see the dragonfly as a symbloic link between heaven and earth, between the universe and the evolution.

For the Navajo indians she is a symbol for water, the most important precondition for life. The light, also necessary for all life reflects itself in the metall construction of the insects and is thus sent back to the universe.
light greatings of dragonfly, Art Electronica festival 2009 , Linz

ROLLING STARS AND PLANETS Project: Elisabeth Ledersberger-Lehoczky

Maria Theresien Platz, Vienna Planetarium, Kuffner-Observatory, Old city hall of Vienna (in Rotation) Szombathely / Hungary, in Cooperation with Kunsthalle House of Art / Baden
bellabayer / Hartberg / Styria
Ars Electronica Center / Linz Festival of culture Reutte / Tyrol,
Piber castle / Styria,
Augustusburg castle/ Germany