red light of life

lightening object 2008

A mind game in connection with quantum physics, philosophy, art and mysticism. An aspect interesting to me results from the empirically provable fact that in body cells, due to a slight electromagnetic radiation, (i.e. as a pulsating, dark red light at a wavelength of about 60 nm) an information exchange takes place, even without the participation of chemical neurotransmitters. The question arising is as follows: does our life also depend on this light?

The light object, consisting of 56 wire frame cubes, altogether about 1,5 m × 1,5 m × 2,50 m arises out of the physical fact that the matter surrounding us (atoms, molecules, crystals, water, air, macromolecules, organelles, cells and organisms) are connected through photons and are organically regulated through pulsating bio photons. The lattice structure of the cubes reminds one that the material body can also only be seen as a framework for a free, creative awareness: an awareness that to some extent can move anywhere and therefore can chose a possible form of being for itself, in which it will manifest itself. The awareness is described through light pulsating from within. In the 20th of the last century a faint electromagnetic radiation was found in living cells by the Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsch. He called it mitogenetic radiation because it was capable of producing cell divisions respectively mitosis. In the 1970ieth the German physicists Dr. Bernd Ruth and Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp proved in an experiment the existence of photons respectively bio photons in living system with the physical method „Single-Photon-Counting“, thereby showing that organic systems generate light which differs clearly from the Plankschen thermic radiation which generally characterizes inorganic and dead systems. Even the human DNA is according to Dr. Popp such a light source and storage of bio photons

Prof. Herbert Klima from the atomic institute of the Austrian Universities in Vienna has been engaged in the research and the meaning of these bio photons, especially in connection with medicine, for more than 30 years. At the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna , the bio photon emission of plants under different influences is being examined with an analyser built especially for this purpose.